Girls Gymnastics

Girls Gymnastics

For girls 6 years old and older, we teach the proper progressions to develop strength and flexibility necessary for the future champion.

Girls – Ages 6 Years and Up

Length: 60 to 90 minutes, varying by level.

REGA recreational classes are the best in town! Our curriculum is used to provide a safe and progressive approach to learning that gives your child many opportunities to succeed and be praised. We understand that gymnastics is difficult to master and want to keep it fun at all of our Recreational levels. Your child will gain confidence and fitness as he or she builds strength, flexibility, and coordination. The benefits of our classes will reach beyond the sport of gymnastics into any other sport your child may choose to pursue.



The Girls Pre-team at REGA is designed for young children who show natural talent and/or a strong enthusiasm for gymnastics.  Pre-team participation is a great way to see if structured competitive gymnastics may be right for your family and your young gymnast.  There is no commitment to join the team after Pre-team.

Compulsory Team

Level 3-5

Team with progressive intentions; improve basics, flexibility, and physical ability. Spirit Group fosters performance and team unity! Compulsory levels introduce and/or present competition to both the athlete and the parent; providing an exciting and enjoyable experience for the involved families.